Sales Intelligence-as-a-Service


SaleSavant is a sales intelligence application focused on tracking companies using data science. Our database enables you to identify new and existing leads with a higher likelihood of converting to paying customers using proprietary classification and scoring techniques, ultimately making your sales reps and SDR’s more efficient.  We look for web signatures to predict outcomes and improve sales results



Our comprehensive company database will show the fastest growing companies in your region and helps identify which prospects are most likely to buy from you


Why SaleSavant

See how other companies have used SaleSavant to quickly find the top generating prospects and 10x sales rep productivity


SaleSavant first emerged as a deal sourcing platform developed by Kennet Partners to identify fast growing technology companies based on millions of web signals and demographic data points. In 2016 we started offering the solution to our portfolio companies and we have now opened up to companies outside our portfolio that wish to build a highly targeted sales approach to accelerate growth and deploy sales and marketing resources more efficiently.

At SaleSavant, our core values are:
Good Judgement
If these align with values that are important to you, we would like you to consider joining our community to create amazing outcomes.
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